Urban & Landscape Design

As AVA we believe that Urban design is the art of making places; it is the collaborative process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns and villages.
It is a framework that orders the elements into a network of streets, squares, and blocks.


Project Description
Following the Egypt Economic Development Conference EEDC, Egypt is aiming nowadays for great diversity in the economic field through new, enormous and promising investments. As a result, some projects have been oriented to fulfill the needs of certain districts.
It is a new way of collaboration between the Egyptian government and the private sector. The ministry of Housing signed with 5 developers MOUs for partnership; two of them were closed by final agreements where Sun City is one of them.
Sun City is located in Giza Governorate, near the Egyptian Museum overlooking the great Pyramids occupying 557.59 fed. The approach to the site is directly from the ring road.
The site is bordered by Cairo- Fayoum highway from the east and Oasis road from the north leading to Sixth of October city.

Project Details

  • Land Area : 2341886.75 SQ.M. ( 557.6 Feddans )

Eldorado … Ain Sokhna, Egypt…

Project Description
A touristic compound in Ain El-Sokhna comprising a convenient hotel along with all sorts of accommodation, furnished apartments and commercial units set under flexible types of housing studios.

Project Details

  • Land Area: 400,000 SQ.M. ( 95.23 Feddans )

Bantu Park… Lusaka, Zambia…

Project Description
A Green network city, integrating with multidimensional secondary sub-concepts, giving a great value to an integral large community of completed housing areas. These areas overlap with a huge recreational park, along with its green open spaces, in order to achieve a superimposed picture of natural life experienced inside the housing community and extending through the green network pathways with all its types, categories and levels.

Project Details

  • Land Area : 1895160 SQ.M. ( 451.2 Feddans )